We run pretty lean here at Vintage. Pastor Dayn is bi-vocational (read: he’s got another job), and teaches weekly at the Templeton triple wide.

Dayn Mansfield, Pastor/Coach

Dayn has been in ministry since (gulp) the 1980’s, serving in churches throughout the California Central Valley and Central Coast. A motorcycle nut, you can find Dayn brappin’ with his family on the weekend, or cruising the coast on his yellow Triumph with his wife Kati.

Assistant Coaches

“Elder” is such a loaded word….at Vintage, we like to call our leadership team coaches and assistant coaches. Here’s who’s part of that scene:

  • Odie Carter
  • John Glau
  • Don Athon
  • Paul Oyler

Aaron Porter, Coach Emeritus

Aaron helped start Vintage with Dayn one evening while smoking cigars in a back alley.  In 2018, Aaron and his family moved to Nashville, mostly because it’s ridiculously expensive to live in SLO County (if you live here, you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s Aaron’s website, where you can check out his music, books, and whatever else he decides to put up there.