Templeton Church

Vintage Community was started in 2008  in Templeton by a couple of pastors who wanted to create a simple place for folks wrestling with scars in their religious past. A place where it was safe to ask inconvenient questions, use their gifts, or just sit and heal.

Not much has changed since then. Vintage is still just a place where folks are trying to find out what it means to practically trust God’s great gospel story in their everyday lives, and learn to live with each other honestly. You don’t have to be messed up to be a part of the Vintage family, but we are discovering that messed up is a great place to start the journey.

Vintage is a non-denominational Christian church. We’re more interested in people finding freedom in the gospel than deciding who’s in and who’s out. Each Sunday, liberals and conservatives worship side by side. We’re not super hip, but we’re learning and growing together.

And yes, we meet in a triple-wide mobile home, each Sunday at 10-ish AM. Come visit!

The Chosen

Join us as we watch the inspiring story of Jesus in this 8-part film series and discuss how His sacrificial love helps us face today’s troubled world.