Last Vintage SLO Meeting This Sunday

This Sunday is the end of a journey. We’ll be having our last official gathering of Vintage SLO together out on the grass at Meadow Park.

The last few years together have been a blast. The community that we have all created, in Templeton and San Luis Obispo, is pretty unique in the church world. Times with both congregations have felt good, like home. Us SLO folks are incredibly grateful that you’ve welcomed us in, prayed for us, and even shared your pastors with us on Sundays. Thank you.

I love the “Vintage Way,” the somewhat-codified thoughts and principles that uphold our community. There are a lot of great things at the core of the Vintage Way. One is (paraphrasing here), “we ain’t gonna keep doin’ something just to do it.” In starting Vintage, Aaron and Dayn recognized that ministry, like life, has seasons. Heck, they even still refer to it as the Vintage Experiment!

Vintage SLO has been a gift: a place for healing, sweet times with community, and a space to learn and grow with one another. These past three years have been an important season, but we’ve sensed that the season for Vintage SLO has come to a close. And that’s okay! God is good. He has been good and will continue to be good as we step forward into whatever He has next.