Thoughts On Paul Series

Good morning fellow sojourners on this planet, Odie here.

I have been enjoying the dickens out of our study of the apostle Paul. Not only have I been learning how to RE-ENGAGE when I want to go hide or give up after facing drama and difficulties, but here’s another thought:

Even though it was prophesied that Paul was going to have big trouble in Jerusalem, he went anyway.

Have you ever had to step into a situation where you knew it was going to be really bad, but you knew you had to do it anyway? Yep. Very uncomfortable. Been there done that. It was rough. But in that uncomfortable situation, Paul had the opportunity to share his spiritual journey not only with the local authorities, but he was also heard by a variety of other folks who would have gathered at these events. We will probably never know, until we see the Lord, who heard his oration and what the results were.

But it doesn’t matter. God knows. And He knows about our situations. And He knows how to use them.


Churches in San Luis Obispo

Did you know that there are more than 30 churches in San Luis Obispo? It’s not that big of a city. We probably don’t need that many churches. But hey, Vintage! Here’s one more.

Yep. We’re one of those churches in San Luis Obispo.

A few months ago, Dayn and Aaron shared a bit of the story of how Vintage came to exist and what makes it different. It was a good reminder for me about why we’re doing this. When I pass three churches on my drive across town on Sunday morning, sometimes I wonder, “do we really need more churches in San Luis Obispo?”

Definitely not. Not just “another church,” at least.

I need a place to come on Sundays where my assumptions are challenged. Where I can sit side by side with other Christians who think differently than I do and still worship the same God. Where I can be OK with not having it all together. Where things might be awkward and not fully polished, but it’s real and everyone is welcome to participate.

It’s not about trying harder–it’s a weekly moment to pause and remember who God says I am. To be called back to the goodness of the Gospel. To be reminded that though we’re all flawed, we’re together–and we’re known and loved by God.

So yeah, there are a lot of churches in San Luis Obispo to choose from. Some of them have great children’s programs. Some have amazing preaching. Some are real communities. You might go to one of them and be real happy there. That’s great!

But if you’ve been to church in the past and are over it, maybe come check out Vintage SLO. You might like it, you might not. But hopefully it’s a little different than what you’re used to experiencing on Sunday morning.

churches in san luis obispo

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